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Mini Story About Reconnaissance . LOL

Reconnaissance : It is a process of information gathering .And to be a successful at reconnaissance you should have a strategy .

What I mean a strategy is just check this case scenario :-

There are two hackers one is noob and another one is skilled hacker . One day noob hacker find a vulnerebilty on a which is a government website and he knows how to deface a website . Without thinking anything he deface that government website and leave his all fingerprints on the log .
While other is a skilled hacker ,

He first start gathering all the information ,
He also use webhttrack software to copy whole website and then,
He analyse that government website offline which help him to stop leaving fingerprint on the log .
He scans for all the open ports ,as he find the vulnerebilties he dosen’t start exploiting ,
He first wait & hide himself by using tor proxy .
Now finally he deface that website .

So conclusion comes out from this case scenario is : The skilled hacker have more chance to survive and there be a less chance to being caught by the forensic department .
So always make a strategy first .Before exploiting any target .
Let move further in Reconnaissance .

Reconnaissance is of two type –


Active Reconnaissance : when we accessing the target directly . It may be noted that during this process , the target server may record our ip ,mac and all our activity online .

Passive Reconnaissance : When we talk about the passive reconnaissance , we are actually accessing the target indirectly . This strategy works as such the target has no way to recording or logging our activity .

To gather information by HTTrack on Backtrack which we will take on next post .

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